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At our weight loss clinic, we offer patients s Dallas weight loss consultation to give them what they want most: an easy to follow, affordable way to lose the weight and to keep it off for good. We offer medical weight loss that combines healthy meal plans as well as patented appetite suppressant prescription medications such as adipex. Our goal is to make sure that you lose the weight in a healthy, effective way.

Dallas Weight Loss Program First Appointment Exam

Dallas Weight Loss Program First Appointment Exam

Unlike some other weight loss physicians, our philosophy is to provide comprehensive weight reduction care and a weight loss program that focuses on all aspects of one’s health. Not only do we offer prescription medications such as phentermine and adipex, but we also focus on helping our patients to adjust their diet and to better understand the meaning of hunger and how to go about reducing cravings, which top weight loss doctors agree is the prime reason for weight gain.

Summary of Our Weight Loss Program

The weight loss system offered by Dr. Michael Cherkassky consists of an initial weight loss consultation where each patient’s medical history and needs are discussed in detail. Dr. Cherkassky will also perform blood work prior to prescribing phentermine or adipex to ensure that it’s a healthy choice for the patient. If not, alternatives will be sought as needed.

During the course of the non surgical weight loss regimen, Dr. Cherkassky will check in with patients on a monthly basis in order to ensure that the program is going well. If any adjustments need to be made, he takes the time to speak with you and to alter your weight reduction plan in order to ensure you’re on the right path. Our goal, first and foremost, is to ensure that you’re healthy throughout our program.

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Dallas Weight Loss Consultation with Dr. Michael Cherkassky

Your First Weight Loss Consultation

At your initial Dallas weight loss consultation, Dr. Cherkassky will discuss your medical history with you and will speak with you to determine whether you have any conditions that may impact your ability to lose weight, such as a thyroid condition or the like. He will also speak to you about your needs and your projected goals so that he can craft the best possible doctor supervised weight loss plan for you.

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Medications Used

As part of his medical weight loss regimen, Dr. Michael Cherkassky offers a couple of state-of-the-art prescription medications in order to help patients to lose the weight. He makes sure to perform a complete examination prior to prescribing any medication in order to determine whether it’s the right course of action for the individual.

dallas-medical weight loss phentermine supplementOne of the medications he recommends is phentermine, a drug that has been shown to be a safe and effective means of suppressing one’s appetite and curbing cravings. He also has patented supplements that have been proven to be highly effective. They are a part of his “Sensotherapy” non surgical weight loss plan. This method helps to target particular cravings such as those to sugary or sweet snacks, such as chips, pizza, and similar foods.

While medications are a part of this doctor supervised weight loss plan, it’s certainly not the primary component. Dr. Cherkassky is a top weight loss doctor who focuses on providing patients with healthy meal plans and guidance on how to properly exercise on a regular basis.

Weight Loss Specialists

Dr. Cherkassky offers arguably the best weight loss program in town. His services are highly unique and are highly praised by those who have participated in his program in the past. As a weight loss doctor who focuses on helping patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, he believes in creating sustainable diet plans and offering therapies that don’t require surgery or long-term diet pill use.

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Dallas Weight Loss Specialists } Dr. Michael Cherkassky 469-434-3380

Since his goal is long-lasting weight loss that can be continued long after the program is over, he makes an effort to help patients to adjust their lifestyle and to change their attitude towards eating and diet so that they can successfully keep their calories in a healthy range for the rest of their lives. His Sensotherapy techniques enable him to help patients to solve their food cravings in a way that is all-natural and effective.

As a specialized weight loss physician, he knows that lowering calorie intake and increasing exercise is the best and healthiest way to lose weight. He understands that sometimes denying yourself food can lead to “deprivation mode” which can cause even stronger cravings. Through the use of sensotherapy, he’s able to address the cravings and help patients to successfully fight against this major cause of weight gain.

Not only does Dr. Cherkassky believe in helping his patients to achieve a healthy weight, but his staff is also dedicated to making visitors feel safe and secure in a warm, welcoming office atmosphere.


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If you’re looking for a weight loss doctor in the Dallas area who can provide you with a sensible and effective dieting plan, the weight loss clinic of Dr. Michael Cherkassky may very well be the place for you. He offers arguably the best weight loss program in town, and he strives to make his program affordable for all patients by eliminating the need for expensive monthly meal plans.

To schedule a Dallas weight loss consultation at our clinic, don’t hesitate to give us a call today during our office hours to speak with our friendly and supportive staff. Call 469-434-3380.